Earl emails the American Meat Institute to ask about the possibility of exhibiting a deformed pig at their annual Innovation Showcase Conference/Tradeshow.

Oscar Mayer, the hotdog maker, hears from Earl.

Ted Nugent, the legendary rocker, hunter, and second amendment zealot is contacted by Earl because he (Earl) is a little concerned with the Nuge's voracious appetite for hunting wild pigs.

Round 2 with Sue Myrick .

Earl emails his congresswoman, Sue Myrick to complain about a recent PBS/Frontline expose about the meat industry.

Earl emails an unusual business proposition to Hardees.

Longhorn Steakhouse becomes Earl's latest victim as he
explores the legality of having an airbrushed slogan on his
pickup which happens to also be a trademarked menu item.

Tyson's Chicken is targeted by Earl this month as boneless
chicken breasts becomes the hot topic.

Earl emails the
Beef, it's what's for dinner people at
beef.org to inquire about getting a 2002 Cattle Industry
Convention T-shirt